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what is CashCow<sup>+</sup>?

  • CashCow<sup>+</sup> your invoice capital
  • CashCow+ ® is a Supply Chain Financing Solution that caters to the growing corporate demand for financially efficient supply chains, with companies and their suppliers under conflicting pressures to improve payment terms, reduce prices and improve cash flow efficiencies. It aims to improve the financial efficiency of the supply chain, resulting in both suppliers and buyers enjoying a substantial reduction in working capital.

The Innovattive Approach

CashCow+® streamlines the execution of a supply chain finance solution through the complete automation of the financing process, bringing cash-flow benefits to both buyers and suppliers, and a simple, automated transaction management solution for financiers.

CashCow+® enables any or all of the parties (financier/buyer/supplier) in supply chain financing solution to track invoices and their performance and the funding in a consistent format; and offers suppliers and financiers the option to select eligible invoices for funding.

The Innovattive Approach

  • A rich internet solution to middle market customers that help in speeding up collection of receivables/ensure follow up on payables
  • Funding agents can finance the transaction with a financing margin, thereby improving the supply chain financing efficiency to stretch payables
  • A win-win product for Buyers, Suppliers and the Financiers (Funding Agents)
  • Conforms to legal and functional requirements for Capital market investors and increases internal operational efficiencies
  • Latest, scalable and highly modular architecture with an Interface to all popular ERP systems, starting with the most popular one
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How do I get benefitted


At Tangent we believe that Innovation is the lifeline not a differentiator, which not only gives us competitive advantage but also keeps us motivated to achieve more.


Though our major focus is on the Supply Chain Finance solutions, Our other products cater to the needs of diverse domains like IT- Human Resources, Banking & Finance, Education and Government.


Our products are highly flexible and completely customizable .Our products are ‘User Centric’ which make the products highly intuitive, interactive and easy to use.

Features of CashCow<sup>+</sup>

Online invoice management and dispute resolution

Notifications, escalations and work flow to route the invoice automatically

Uses SSL and 2 way authentication and is highly secure and safe.

Provision for multiple funding agents, suppliers and buyers

Completely customizable Key Performances Indicators (KPI) that enable quick decision-making.

Rating of Suppliers by Buyers

Ability to integrate with popular ERPs

Easy to use and highly intuitive user interface- Uses the latest FLEX® technology from Adobe®

User centered interface design that ensures rich user experience