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GenX is a Core framework engine developed by Tangent. GenX is a robust, scalable and flexible framework with common components and frameworks built-in. GenX enables Tangent to build products to any business process by reducing the development and testing time.
Framework consists on reusable components to serve different business needs. This enables Tangent to quickly adapt to any standards on these components in future, thus by applying the same to all its products. All products in Tangent are developed using GenX engine.GenX being a framework engine, it serves as an underlying platform to all the products developed on the core-engine. As it is a core engine, GenX provides multiple advantages to product development and organization.


  • Control over the standardization of the products

  • Reduce the product development time

  • Organization gets more time to spend on business logic than on technology

  • Reduce testing time and cycles

  • Reduce overall cost to the customer and organization

  • Scalable and Flexible

  • Products developed on GenX inherit the flexibility by default. Thus by increase the flexibility during customizations.

  • Standardized security features

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At Tangent we believe that Innovation is the lifeline not a differentiator, which not only gives us competitive advantage but also keeps us motivated to achieve more.


Though our major focus is on the Supply Chain Finance solutions, Our other products cater to the needs of diverse domains like IT- Human Resources, Banking & Finance, Education and Government.


Our products are highly flexible and completely customizable .Our products are ‘User Centric’ which make the products highly intuitive, interactive and easy to use.