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Tangent Solutions is a Global Software Product Development and Service oriented Technology Company with Headquarters at Hyderabad. As a technology provider, we have diversified interests in product development, professional services and techno-functional consulting. Incorporated in the year 2007, we are a pioneer in providing solutions in Supply Chain Finance (SCF), e-Invoicing and Invoice processing for industry verticals like Banks, SMEs and large Manufacturing sectors. Our solutions enable a business entity to enhance their operational and process efficiency, workflow automation, document management, Cross currency transactions and connect multi-parties. CashCow+ is the flagship product for Supply Chain Finance Domain, while SpeedM is targeted for e-invoicing and processing transactions. Our quest has always been to maximize client satisfaction to the core with a firm commitment to excel in all facets of product delivery on a global scale. Our innovative approach and long term relationships with our clients have been the catalyst of our growth.

Some of our core strengths:

  • Dedicated and highly qualified technical and management team
  • Strong functional knowledge in Supply Chain Finance Domain
  • Growing Clientele in Banking sector

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Supply Chain Finance SolutionsLaunch Cashcow Demo
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Need for better Supply Chain Finance Solutions:

    CashCow+ is a web based supply chain finance application, targeted to Funding Institutions and Banks whose core activity pertains to Seller or Buyer Finance Business. It acts as an interface between buyers, sellers and the funding agent/banker to transact online on a single platform...

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This solution is designed to cater to the requirements of varied domains where invoicing forms the core transactional mode of their business operations. The following are the domains where SpeedM can be successfully implemented:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Pharma
  • Import/Export

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Mirrority - A Social Responsibility Initiative
Mirrority reflects the opinion of our own society. At Mirrority we desire to be a dependent and respected choice to make decisions. An authentic source of information that people could depend on, use confidently in daily life to make decisions on lifestyle and environment.
A platform where people could discuss, express opinions, report fraud or complain against things they do not like, with a view to benefit fellow citizens. This focused variation of Mirrority provides the niche services that are needed by the Corporate and link quality providers to serve those needs. The goal of this focused variation is to become a corporate help desk eventually.

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GenX is a Core framework engine developed by Tangent. GenX is a robust, scalable and flexible framework with common components and frameworks built-in.
GenX enables Tangent to build products to any business process by reducing the development and testing time. Framework consists on reusable components to serve different business needs. This enables Tangent to quickly adapt to any standards on these components in future, thus by applying the same to all its products.
All products in Tangent are developed using GenX engine.GenX being a framework engine, it serves as an underlying platform to all the products developed on the core-engine.

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Safe and Secure Supply Chain Finance Solution
Tangent News

18th December, 2009

Tangent Solutions is now ISO 9001:2008 certified

On 18th December, 2009, our company was bestowed with the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification

Tangent launches E-Invoicing and Invoice Transaction processing solution (SpeedM)

Tangent Solutions has launched SpeedM in the year 2009 which is an e-invoicing and invoice transactional processing solution.

Tangent launches Supply Chain Finance Solution (CashCow+)

Tangent Solutions has launched CashCow+ to its first bank customer in Jun 2009 which is a Supply Chain Finance solution.

Tangent: 19th April, 2008 Tangent launches Cashcow<sup>+</sup>18th March, 2008

Tangent to rollout supply chain solutions

Tangent Solutions, a Hyderabad-based technology company with operations in the US, is in the process of rolling out its supply chain solutions in the domestic market.

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Our case studies provide a deep insight into varied business domains by probing and analyzing industry and sector wise trends, challenges perceived by the organizations in sustaining and adapting to rapid market changes and the solutions offered by Tangent in enabling organizations to compete globally, reduce operational costs and enhance their overall efficiencies.

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