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Mirrority - A Social Responsibility Initiative

  • Mirrority reflects the opinion of our own society. At Mirrority we desire to be a dependent and respected choice to make decisions. An authentic source of information that people could depend on, use confidently in daily life to make decisions on lifestyle and environment. A platform where people could discuss, express opinions, report fraud or complain against things they do not like, with a view to benefit fellow citizens.
This focused variation of Mirrority provides the niche services that are needed by the Corporate and link quality providers to serve those needs. The goal of this focused variation is to become a corporate help desk eventually.


  • Information – Lifestyle, Tourist, City, Essential and Helpline information

  • Blood Donation / Blood Donors Search

  • Car Pooling

  • Discussion Forums

  • Community Service- where voluntary organizations and individuals meet

  • Exam Results

  • Fraud and Complaint Reporting

  • Read and write reviews on Hotels, Shopping centers etc

  • Featured Hotel, Corporate providing special offers

  • Post a query to a CA, Lawyer, Insurance Agent

  • Reminder Robot, that will never allow you to forget important dates

  • Report/View Fake CV- For the HR fraternity to exchange fake CVs and report raw deals

  • Games for group events and stress busting

  • Restaurants Reservations

  • Doctor Appointments (Through SMS)

  • Reach Party planners (Through SMS)

  • Additional customizable features

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At Tangent we believe that Innovation is the lifeline not a differentiator, which not only gives us competitive advantage but also keeps us motivated to achieve more.


Though our major focus is on the Supply Chain Finance solutions, Our other products cater to the needs of diverse domains like IT- Human Resources, Banking & Finance, Education and Government.


Our products are highly flexible and completely customizable .Our products are ‘User Centric’ which make the products highly intuitive, interactive and easy to use.