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April 19th 2008

Tangent has acquired Eiko Cybertech Pvt Ltd.
To expand its business and to provide complete integration solution to the high end customers, Tangent has acquired Eiko Cybertech Pvt Ltd. This enables us to control end to end supply of hardware and software to the clients and also helps to increase profit margin, revenues and speedup project implementation time. Tangent will provide servers, hardware and networking solutions to clients with competitive price in collaboration with Elko’s business.
Eventually Tangent will take over Elko’s business fully and serve Elko’s clients under Tangent’s umbrella.

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April 19th 2008

Tangent Solutions is now ISO 9001:2008 certified

On 18th December, 2009, our company was bestowed with the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification, which we cherish and share these great moments with all our business fraternity in India and abroad. This certification spans our business activities like product development, customer support and other allied activities. An exhaustive audit was conducted by the certifying agency at our development centre with various departments like HR, Software Development, Testing, System Administration and Business Development coming under the purview of this audit. With well defined business plan and clear cut objectives set for each department, the company is poised to enter into new spectrum of activities, while consolidating and strengthening its existing operations.

Tangent launches E-Invoicing and Invoice Transaction processing solution (SpeedM)

Tangent Solutions has launched SpeedM in the year 2009 which is an e-invoicing and invoice transactional processing solution. This solution is designed to cater to the requirements of varied domains where invoicing forms the core transactional mode of their business operations. SpeedM can be successfully implemented in domains like Manufacturing, Health, Pharma and Import/Export.

Tangent launches Supply Chain Finance Solution (CashCow+)

Tangent Solutions has launched CashCow+ to its first bank customer in Jun 2009 which is a Supply Chain Finance solution. This solution is designed to cater to domains like Banks, financial institutions.

Tangent to rollout supply chain solutions

Tangent Solutions, a Hyderabad-based technology company with operations in the US, is in the process of rolling out its supply chain solutions in the domestic market.

Tangent Solutions commences its operations

It was the dawn of a new era in Supply Chain Finance market in India when a new product based company Tangent Solutions was officially incorporated in the year 2007 by a group of like-minded industry NRI veterans having a worldwide average experience of over 20 years. The company is based out of Hyderabad, India with an office at Chicago, USA. The company has successfully commenced its operations and is poised to take a giant leap in SCF arena targeting the Indian banking industry at large. It has plans in near future to target other business domains like manufacturing, health, pharma and import/export with its diversified product offerings.

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At Tangent we believe that Innovation is the lifeline not a differentiator, which not only gives us competitive advantage but also keeps us motivated to achieve more.

Though our major focus is on the Supply Chain Finance solutions, Our other products cater to the needs of diverse domains like IT- Human Resources, Banking & Finance, Education and Government.

Our products are highly flexible and completely customizable .Our products are ‘User Centric’ which make the products highly intuitive, interactive and easy to use.

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