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Tangent has acquired Eiko Cybertech Pvt Ltd.
About Eiko Cybertech

Eiko provides hardware, software and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.

It specializes in supplying data storage, networking hardware, designing software, infrastructure, hosting and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. Markets its products to households, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises directly. Eiko also has services and consulting business around its products and partner products. Annual Maintenancecontracts, Data Recovery, Software installations and Information Technology enabled services.

Tangent Clients and its expanding business

As Tangent recently grown exponentially in the international markets. Initially Tangent has developed its products namely CashCow(Supply chain finance solution for Banks, Financial institutions) and SpeedM (e-Invoicing solution for manufacturing, pharmaceutical institutions), GenX framework (rapid development of projects with lesser time for software IT companies) and
Mirrority (intranet social networking solution for corporate sectors). These products has been implemented in a pilot phase with clients in past few years, which has successfully implemented and shown good results to the client.

Due to successful implementation, Tangent has got two big clients in middle -east market and north American market. Which will place us in System Integrators in Global IT market and boost our revenues exponentially.

Apart from this our continuous marketing efforts helped us to get in to Indian market in different verticals. As we have multiple software products will help us into penetrate in to major corporate houses and service industries.

Benefits of acquisition

  • To Expand Tangent’s business

  • To provide Complete System integration solution to clients

  • Control of end to end supply of hardware and software to clients

  • To increase profit margin, revenues

  • Speedup project implementation time

  • To provide solutions to clients with competitive price

  • To increase the customer base across globe

Enhance your Working Capital efficiency, Learnmore

At Tangent we believe that Innovation is the lifeline not a differentiator, which not only gives us competitive advantage but also keeps us motivated to achieve more.

Though our major focus is on the Supply Chain Finance solutions, Our other products cater to the needs of diverse domains like IT- Human Resources, Banking & Finance, Education and Government.

Our products are highly flexible and completely customizable .Our products are ‘User Centric’ which make the products highly intuitive, interactive and easy to use.

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